A qualified engineering team and three decades of practical experience makes Gammagroup to one of the leading companies for the production of turnkey plants in different areas.

The company brings in a lot of attention to detail, from project planning to delivery and installation. After completion of the facility, GGI supports the customer for each improvement and every update of the production.

Gammagroup identifies itself with the concerns of its customers and searches together for possible solutions. Therefore, the company has built a long list of satisfied purchasers. Regardless of the type of project, the goal of Gammagroup is, to well establish the products from its customers in the market to ensure their success.

The sales department will create an individual offer to customer’s wishes.
Production Line for PET Bottles
The production lines for PET bottles are designed to fill all kinds of liquids such as water, soft drinks, vegetable oil. The lines will be produced taking customer requirements and market needs into consideration.

The manufacturing facilities are located inter alia/amongst other things in South-America, Middle-East and in Africa in continuously production with a capacity of 3.000 bis 24.000 bottles per hour.

Gammagroup takes over all assignments from project development to management in the facilities on site. Furthermore, the company offers aftersales service contracts for 5 years and delivery guarantee for spare parts for at least 10 years.

For more information contact the service team.
Hot Filling for PET Bottles
From a microbiological point of view, there is a safe technology as an alternative to cold aseptic for the filling of sensitive drinks in PET bottles: hot filling.

Gammagroup produces PET bottles, which are suitable for high temperatures during the filling process. Therefore, both the filling machine and the cooling tunnel have to be equipped with this technology.

The customer will be submitted the complete package to ensure a smooth production and can profit from the company´s long term experience in this area.

Contact the sales department for an individual offer.
Cold Filling for PET Bottles
The conventional cold filling method is primarily used for the production of water and CO²-containing beverages in PET bottles. In addition, it is possible to fill bottles with sensitive products such as juice beverages with a low to medium share of fruit juice.

For this purpose, the cold sterilization Velcorin* will be applied in minimum quantities with a pump, so that the final product will have aseptic characteristics without the Velcorin being detectable in the drink.

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* Velcorin (Trademark: Lanxess) is not allowed in every country.